Tools that Perfect Piano Restoration

restringing_devicemachine Tools that Perfect Piano RestorationIn the last several years the main focus for Gene Korolev, RPT, president and master rebuilder of PIANO SOLUTIONS XXI, was to technologically improve the process for the restoration and maintenance of pianos. To achieve this goal, he invented various tools and devices. Each tool was designed to perform a specialized task with precision and ease in an effort to exceed even the lofty standards set by old-world craftsman. The tools were created by hand, to be used by hand. A strong passion to create precision devices helped Gene achieve long-term stability in piano performance. The invention also helped with the development of an exclusive-line of restored grand pianos. With over 30,000 piano parts that need attention, it’s necessary to achieve uniformity in piano restoration. By using devices to complete a specific task, Gene is able to achieve precision in piano restoration process and thereby achieve near-perfection.


  • Restringing Device – shown on top right, an organizer for piano wire that works during the restringing process to increase productivity and quality (preview video below)
  • Pinblock Drilling Device – for drilling the pinblock at an exact angle
  • Hammer Drilling Device – digital device for drilling hammer heads
  • Hammerhead Pre-voicing Device – precision tool for pre-voicing hammer heads
  • Felt Cutting Device – used to cut felt for dampers
  • Rebushing Device – organizer for efficient and comfortable key rebushing
  • Piano Rotating Device – rotates piano 360 degrees to inspect for quality
  • Damper Action Duplication Laser Guided Device – precision duplication of damper action
  • Backcheck Press Device – installs backcheck to the key with a precision angle and position