pianorebuild-300x225 Piano RestorationOur Piano Restoration Process:

Structural work:

  • Piano breakdown + measurements taken
  • Sand, seal and refinish original soundboard or install new soundboard (depending on the condition)
  • Install new pinblock
  • Bronze plate (harp)
  • Complete restringing, under felting and set bearing

Action work:

  • Install new set of wipes
  • Install new set of hammer shanks and flanges
  • Install new set of hammers
  • Install new set of key tops or clean and repair original ivories
  • New key bushings, includes front and balance rail
  • Re-felt and regulate dampers
  • New damper action
  • Complete tuning to concert pitch
  • Voicing

Piano case work:

  • Complete refinish (dull sheet or high gloss, depends on your preference)
  • Re-plate and polish all hardware and parts

Additional services available:

  • Piano player installation
  • Custom piano design

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Ask us about Exclusive Piano Restoration.

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