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About Us

PIANO SOLUTIONS XXI, a renown piano restoration company that follows strict piano restoration process. Combining old-world craftsmanship and expert scientific touch, we achieve superb quality in piano restoration, surpassing that of most piano manufacturers.

contact-300x225 About UsGene Korolev, RPT established PIANO SOLUTIONS XXI with a new vision for piano restoration. His goal was to build a “one-man shop” with ability to restore a piano from start to finish on his own, that way it was easier to control quality. He used his unique ingenuity to invent devices, tools and jigs in order to ensure that every phase of the piano rebuild is uniform and results to its original condition. His continued dedication and perpetual love for piano rebuilding made his work award-winning and timeless.

We are a piano restoration company for the 21st century, because we follow traditional methods in piano rebuilding, while using new techniques and innovations to achieve unsurpassed piano performance.