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Discover New York Serenade Custom Piano

New York Serenade, one of the most luxurious custom piano designed by Katherine Banyasz and Gene Korolev, a father and daughter collaboration that took a year in the making. The piano design was inspired by big bands and jazz music in America. Depicting city that never sleeps, where night clubs played music and people danced while enjoying life in the city. A moment in time captured right on a piano cabinet. Images intricately set in cubic zirconia stones showcasing the skyline of…

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Tools that Perfect Piano Restoration

In the last several years the main focus for Gene Korolev, RPT, president and master rebuilder of PIANO SOLUTIONS XXI, was to technologically improve the process for the restoration and maintenance of pianos. To achieve this goal, he invented various tools and devices. Each tool was designed to perform a specialized task with precision and ease in an effort to exceed even the lofty standards set by old-world craftsman. The tools were created by hand, to be used by hand.…

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Discover Harley Davidson Custom Piano

with Model LX Live Performance Player System In 2007, Gene Korolev launched his first custom piano project with a new vision in custom piano restoration. Designing a piano to pay tribute to Harley-Davidson, and commemorate the 150th anniversary of universally admired motorcycles. In his design, he revealed many piano innovations, showcasing new technique in trapwork as well as installation of the Live-Performance Model LX player system. He used new materials for durability, applying aircraft aluminum on various piano parts and…

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